Kathy Boyé : A Blues Soul

Les concerts proposés par Kathy Boyé et son DTG Gang sont un véritable voyage aux racines du Blues et de la Soul.
Un répertoire très “roots”, viscéral, profond avec la voix et parfois l’harmonica, les guitares tantôt électriques tantôt slide de Pierre Planas qui lui répond, soutenus par tout le band. Un concert où alternent les chants émouvants du shout viscéral blues et les blues rock enflammés dirigés par un Pierre Planas indomptable. Deux heures d’énergie époustouflantes, où vous chanterez, crierez, danserez, vous serez emportés et transportés dans le Sud des États-Unis, où Kathy passe du temps chaque année.



A groovy blues sung with soul by Kathy Boyé and picked up without compromise by her musicians. If her musical tastes attract her towards music like the blues / gospel and soul, she hasn’t forgotten her roots and likes to compose in English and in her mother tongue. She arranges and composes with her own roots and vocal colors. What fascinates her most is the very visceral and vocal qualities of blues music, and she sings the blues backed by the musicians of course, but also by the voices of Vocal Colors.

She is sharing the stage with DTG Gang, but also with La Velle, the French Blues Explosion, Dale Blade, Nico Wayne Toussaint, Craig Adams and Stéphane Bertolino, to name a few. For fifteen years, sharing the stages where Blues, soul, gospel and rhythm & blues intersect so naturally, defies any attempt at labeling … For her, music is Absolute, Emotion, Sincerity and Colors…

Kathy Boye has always been passionate about singing and voice. She turned to Gospel and other “roots” music early on in her career. Since 1992, alongside her classical voice training, she sings the blues, Funk, Soul, Gospel, Jazz. Providence introduced her to Jerome Van Jones and the fabulous singer La Velle in 1997.

In 1994, she created her gospel group called VOCAL COLORS, who have become more and more visible in recent years due in part to her outstanding voicing and musical arrangements.

Kathy Boyé is a gold medal winner from the Conservatoire de Toulouse (Toulouse Music Academy), a singer, a pianist (and now a harmonica player), and has studied under the great tenor Max Sugniaux. She has performed in numerous classical concerts, recorded dance titles for overseas record labels. She has also sung with Nosicaa, Two cool vibrations, Disfunktion, Résonnances… where her passion for “blackmusic” started to take roots. When she met Jerome Van Jones and La Velle en 1997, she plunged directly and definitively into the music she so sought after: the Blues and Gospel.

It was the beginning of an apprenticeship and a long collaboration with Lavelle and Jerome Van Jones (to name a few – opening act of the Jerome Van Jones Quartet in France, Catalyse in Geneva, Music Festival of Geneva… mass, concert at the crypt in Geneva and different festivals in France.

Voted «Femme de la Culture 2007», Kathy directs master classes for beginners or advanced levels in France and throughout the year in the Eureka-Live Association’s studio. The priority of the non-profit school is to transmit an authentic approach to what gospel, blues and negro spirituals really are, and she shares what she has learned from international artists like La Velle, Jerome Van Jones, or Craig Adams. This approach backed by great vocal technique becomes real and alive as she steps up on stage and racks up experience.

She has been touring stages in France and Europe with her group Vocal Colors or with the singer La Velle, a key figure in the blues and gospel world. Singing is her life! And she flourishes in cohesion and sharing with the musicians and singers with whom she works, and in her eyes that’s where music comes into its own. That is why the group VOCAL COLORS is always following her in the adventure of SOULIDARITY GOSPEL SINGERS, who are becoming a MASS CHOIR with nearly 100 singers; and her recent blues compositions, much more humble, recently accompanied her diatonic harmonica! The border between gospel and blues is inextricable and carried by all these talented artists.